Chester A. Arthur – Myths and Speculation

On 31 December, 2006, in Random Thoughts, by C. Scott Davis

Chester A. Arthur has been the subject of more rumours and misinformation than any other U.S. President, except for the rest of them.

Here are a few popular misconceptions, none of which is true (except where noted) :

  • He was not King of the Britons.
  • His First Lady was not Bea Arthur (she may, however, have been his second or third).
  • He was not killed during his first year of office and replaced with a wax replica.
  • There has never been a film based on his autobiography, not even that one with Dudley Moore.
  • He never shot a man for snoring (although he could get rather grumpy if you stole all of the covers).
  • At no point in his presidency, did he ever order the Secret Service to construct a 40′ tall statue in his honour (it was actually only 20′ tall, and very tastefully done).
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The Bible – Red Letter Editions

On 10 December, 2006, in Random Thoughts, by C. Scott Davis

In many modern books of The Bible the dialogue of the character Jesus are printed in red letters. Although this is fairly recent among English-language editions, the practice itself dates back to the earliest known manuscripts of the Gospels, in which the dialogue of Jesus was written using the author’s own blood.

Many Biblical scholars theorise that some of the apparent inconsistencies that appear in parts of the text may actually have been the result of severe blood loss. In fact, the Gospel of St. James the Lesser was never completed, because he (the author) had a rare blood disease and bled to death while attempting to transcribe it.

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Scientists believe that the web probably once looked like this.

BARCELONA, SPAIN — An orb spider, dating back 110 million years to the time of the dinosaurs, may offer exciting clues about early porcines, according to a recent report. The spider, which scientists have dubbed Araneus Charlotta, was found preserved in amber, along with a portion of its web.

The web, possibly the oldest on record, has led some scientists to speculate that prehistoric pigs may have been vastly superior to the animal we know today.

“The web isn’t intact, of course,” stated Dr. Fern Arable, who is heading up the project, “but there’s clearly some writing there… especially if you turn your head and squint a bit.”

The exact text has been a subject for debate among the team, with some believing it to spell “RADIANT”, others “TERRIFIC”, and some even “HUMBLE”. The current consensus, however is that it says “SOME PIG”.

“That first bit is definitely an ‘S’,” Dr. Arable added, “I don’t see how anyone could say that’s not an ‘S’.”

The find dates back to the Early Cretaceous period, a time which was previously believed to pre-date the earliest known porcine species.

“That’s what’s so terribly exciting,” remarked Dr. Arable, “There may have been these extraordinary pigs, living millions of years ago, and we knew nothing about them… until now.”

At the moment, the scientific community is divided over the initial report. Most believe, as Dr. Arable does, that this is a clear indication of an exceptional species of early pigs. Some, however, insist that it’s actually the spider that’s remarkable.

“That’s just crazy,” Dr. Arable said, in conclusion, “Doesn’t it just make sense that these pigs would have to be pretty amazing for this spider to feel the need to write about them? I certainly think so.”

Dr. Arable and her team are currently seeking a grant to continue their research.


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