Setting the record straight

On 15 June, 2005, in Parodies, Song Parodies, by C. Scott Davis

There Was No Clown

to the tune of “Send in the Clowns” by Stephen Sondheim

Isn’t it strange?
Highly unfair.
My reputation is soiled
beyond repair.
There was no clown.

I must insist.
It isn’t so.
Just something someone made up,
Long, long ago.
There was no clown.
Really, no clown.

Just when it seems it’s dying down,
Suddenly rumours spring up and start spreading around.
Gets more outrageous each time than the previous tales.
None of it’s true,
yet it prevails.

How did it start?
My fault I fear.
I let it get out of hand.
That led us here.
But was there a clown?
No, there was no clown.
Just so we’re all clear.

Isn’t it odd?
How I endure,
hearing such slander and lies,
when I’m so pure?
But there was no clown.
There wasn’t a clown.
Of that much I’m sure.

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