Pope Admits He Watches The Big Bang Theory

On 30 October, 2014, in News Parodies, Parodies, by C. Scott Davis


VATICAN CITY — In an exciting declaration, Pope Francis I stated that the CBS sitcom is “one of the funniest shows on television”, while unboxing a vintage Spock action figure that he had recently purchased on eBay. Pope Francis also stated that enjoyment of The Big Bang Theory is not incompatible with any of the other fine programming on the Tiffany Network.

“When we watch one of the numerous CSI’s or an NCIS, we run the risk of imagining that dramas are the only things to watch. But that is not so,” Francis said. He continued by stating that CBS “has a fine selection of comedies and The Big Bang Theory is, by far, my favourite.”

The Pope’s endorsement is expected to have far-reaching effects in television programming, as this is the first time a sitting Pope has given his opinion of a public performance, since Pope Clement VIII complained that Hamlet “dragged on a bit”.

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