I don’t get it…

On 20 July, 2007, in Rants, by C. Scott Davis

What is the big deal about HP7?

I get that everyone is excited. I just can’t see why.

Plus, what’s with all of this “spoiler” stuff? That makes even less sense to me. Personally, I wouldn’t even think about buying something, unless I knew exactly what I was getting. I certainly wouldn’t be trying to actually avoid information. That just seems crazy.

Then again, this whole HP7 thing seems to be making everyone just a little insane. I mean really, waiting in line until midnight, just so you can buy it as soon as it comes out? What kind of a person actually does that?

For pete’s sake people, it’s just a freakin’ printer.

I like Hewlett Packard printers just fine, but I can’t imagine that this new HP7 series is going to be that much better than my old HP4.

Still, HP7 mania seems to be the order of the day, so I guess I must be missing something here.


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