Chester A. Arthur – Myths and Speculation

On 31 December, 2006, in Random Thoughts, by C. Scott Davis

Chester A. Arthur has been the subject of more rumours and misinformation than any other U.S. President, except for the rest of them.

Here are a few popular misconceptions, none of which is true (except where noted) :

  • He was not King of the Britons.
  • His First Lady was not Bea Arthur (she may, however, have been his second or third).
  • He was not killed during his first year of office and replaced with a wax replica.
  • There has never been a film based on his autobiography, not even that one with Dudley Moore.
  • He never shot a man for snoring (although he could get rather grumpy if you stole all of the covers).
  • At no point in his presidency, did he ever order the Secret Service to construct a 40′ tall statue in his honour (it was actually only 20′ tall, and very tastefully done).
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