Doctor Whose Line is it Anyway?

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Doctor Whose Line

"Improvise! Improvise!"

Doctor Whose Line is it Anyway? featured four contestants who were forced to improvise a convincing Doctor Who storyline, while being chased around by a Dalek.

The series was wildly popular among coma victims and household pets, but was suddenly cancelled in 1996, when the Dalek was accidentally released into the wrong studio and exterminated everyone on the set of Can’t Cook, Won’t Cook.

Immediately following its cancellation, the BBC wisely destroyed all existing copies of the series, even going so far as to also hunt down and destroy the entire cast and crew, just to be safe.

In 2002, a man claimed to have every episode on video tape, and threatened to give them to the BBC unless he was paid £10,000. When the BBC was unable to raise the funds, public donations began to pour in, quickly exceeding the ransom demand by several thousand pounds. Before payment could be made, however, the identity of the man was discovered, and an angry mob dragged him from his home and poked him with pointy sticks, until he admitted that it had all been a hoax and that no such video tape actually existed.

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Mid Terms

Helpful agents escort one of the detained Congressional Candidates to his next appointment.

WASHINGTON, DC — Less than 24 hours after signing the Military Powers Act into law, President Bush declared 249 Democratic Congressional Candidates to be Enemy Combatants, and ordered that they be immediately rounded up and detained.

They are being held for reasons unknown, at an undisclosed location, for an indeterminate period of time, but the White House insists that they are not being tortured, at least not by any reasonable definition of “torture”. A bit of good natured water-boarding, however, has not been ruled out, at this time.

“This is only a temporary situation,” White House spokesperson Tony Snow stated, during his regular morning press briefing, “I’m sure everything will be quickly sorted out, possibly as early as the 8th or 9th of November.”

In the mean time, the White House is urging everyone to vote as usual in the upcoming mid-term elections. “It is important that we not allow a few dozen potential terrorists to undermine the election process,” Snow stated.

“Besides,” he added in conclusion, “There are still many patriotic candidates available to choose from. Go out and vote for one of them.”


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